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Welcome to the Airport Managers Blog!

A few years back there was an experemental spacecraft design known as the X-33 (Google Image Search).  It is actually a very interesting design which never got off the ground even after spending 912 million. Lockheed Martin just was awarded the contract to build its replacement and to replace the shuttle.

Link to - NASA farms out moon rocket - Aug 31, 2006

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I found this site:

It has alot of great information, and has samples of some great intersections, station layouts, and much more.  If you havn't ever seen this site I suggest you go visit it.

You will be happy you did.

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Here are some copy/past files I made that I use very frequently. There is one intersection and three station types.


This is the standard type of intersection I use when I have a main line which branches off to an industry. This also allows for a train to make a 180 on the main line.



Here are three stations I use, they are defined by the following numbers ?x?x?x?, where the first ? is the width of the industry, the second ? is the length of the industry, the third ? is the number of track lanes in the station, and the last ? is the length of the station.

Standard Station 3x2x2x5

Used for Coal and other similarly sized industries



Standard Station 4x4x2x5

Used for Iron Ore and other similarly sized industries



Standard Station 5x5x2x5

Used for Wood and other similarly sized industries



That's it for now, more sure to come soon!

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FiCONLatest 139.339


Crestliner DaneBuilding a Dane