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Welcome to the Airport Managers Blog!

People always joke in the northern climites about how there are really only two seasons: Winter and Road Construction. well as true as that statement may be construction is a big part of airport operations. As the airport manager you have to keep track of the construction project and ensure that airport continues to operate in a safe and efficient manner.

There are four people who cordinate any construction project, they are:

- The Engineer who drew up the project
- The Project foremen
- The Construction Crew foremen
- The Airport Manager

Other government agencies get involved as well, the TSA, FAA, DHS, FBI, and whoever else wants a slice of the pie but for now lets imgien they dont exisit - for simplicity.

The engineer had a great idea when they drew up their drawings about the project. If they did a good enough job, there wont be too many problems when it comes time to actually put the drawings to the shovel. This is where the Project foremen comes in, for large construction projects the engineering firm will assign someone to keep track of the project, correct anything that goes wrong or otherwise make sure things go as smooth as possible.

In an ideal world the Construction Crew foremen and the Project Foremen will have a good working realtionship. Meaning that the construction cew will try to maximize their profit and the project foremen will try to make them stick to specs as much as possible. This realtionhip ensures that the drawings the engineer drew make sense.

The airport manager has to be informed on all aspects of the project and be in communication with all the other aspects of the project. The FAA likes to see airports develop a safe way to manage construction projects, share information, and keep everyone safe. Thats our job.

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