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Welcome to the Airport Managers Blog!

The American Association of Airport Executives

It was in 2002 that I received my Certified Membership into the
American Association of Airport Executives. It meant taking what seemed like a million question test about what I knew about airports, their operation, their accounting, and their history in both regulatory and operation.  It is one stepping stone on the path to achieving your AAE. or Accredited Airport Executive.  I like to think of it as the Doctorate of Airport Management, but then I’m an airport manager I’m biased.

Since 2002 I have never left the aviation industry and as of now have a little over 3 years of experience.  Three year may not seem like much but I have seen things, done thing, been places, and seen how the airport functions that at times make be surprised I’d seen so much, But there is always more to be learnt and as such I’ve taken the next step in the process of obtaining my AAE certification.

There are three steps.  A). Take an written examination, b). Write a research paper, and c). Take an oral examination.  Step A was taken in 2002 as part of my Certified Member Certification, and step C must be taken last which leaves B – writing a research paper.  Writing as never been one of my strengths, specially when it comes to having to structure each sentence with the sounds as if Merlin himself had magically made it appear out of thin air.

But as I sit here typing this I think about the topic I would like to cover in my research paper and I question what I’d like to learn about and or what I’d like to contribute to the AAAE Archives for all to learn and read.  I suppose there is some self motivation involved to feel important as well.  You want your research paper to be well received and present a good solid presentation about you as an airport manager.  

What Do I want to write about, what others want to read about, do I want to write an easy paper or really make myself work?  Then there is the problem of can I get the time to actually write the paper.  In college you sit down crank out a twenty page paper and go out and drink the day before its due – and usually get an A I might add.  But when your older – wiser – you question that approach because your older, and not so apt to do things in one sitting as there are other things taking up your time.  

Which brings me back to the topic of the paper.  I’ve always been interested in Self Inspections, looking at ones self (the airport) and trying to find ways to make it better.  Make it safer, more efficient.  I have designed multiple inspection systems for different airports that do this I am currently doing for my own airport and hopefully to release it into the wild if people want it, but who wants to read about my dabbling into the self inspection system, and even if they did it can not be a case study paper.  So what do we have left.  

I’ve thought about Noise, Planning and Zoning, and management philosophies.  The latter  of which I tinkered with one day when driving to the local Walmart.  I thought what if I write my entire paper as if it took place on Turok Nor.  For those of you who don’t know what Turok Nor is, don’t worry about it. You could easily relate each type of management style to one of the crew members and compare and contrast on how each type works best for what type of position at an airport.  But research what?  Spit out a bunch of techno-babble about nothing in particular and benefit who?  How could the crew of the Turok Nor help me write the paper.

In any case an idea must be drawn up, then an outline submitted and then a final paper written about 30 pages long.  

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