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Welcome to the Airport Managers Blog!

As an avid flight simmer I have enjoyed the Falcon 4.0 mantra since its inception in 1996(7). I received the simulation from my parents for Christmas one year and I was hooked. I played Falcon 3.0 before, but Falcon 4.0 was better as it should be. As time went on it was flawed, no one denies that; and soon after Microprose was sold to Hasboro Internactive and Falcon 4.0 was no longer being developed professionally. The sim became in limbo, no commercial development and the community was lead by some very smart people who creates many modifications to the simulation to make it better. The community became very fractured in the process, but falcon continued to get better, more stable, and more user friendly.

Since Falcon development was canned in 1997 only two companies have tried to make the simulation work. One by G2interactive, which was not backed by the community. Then Lead pursuit came around founded by those same moders who created the tool to mod falcon in the first place. Here we had moder friendly developers who were moders themselves, or so we though. We opened our arms with love and trust to them, hoping they would create a better version of falcon.

LP never told the community they were working on falcon, although it was known by association, it wasn't until an add at came around that we knew for sure who these people were, and we where pleased to know that the individuals in change of Allied Force were one of us. We looked over the fact they had caused the cease and desist orders to stop all community development, we overlooked the major failings of their version as it wan't even to the level of some of the more popular community mods, we looked over almost everything.

Then it came like a sack of bricks to the modding community, LP would not allow any modifications to their simulation. WHAT? The same people who were moders themselves, knew who we all were, had cause to prevent us from modding falcon. The Community was upset for good reason. LP did have the legal right to develop falcon, and as such does have the legal right to stop others from altering their code or the code of previous versions of falcon.

The community was spilt again, no known actions to take, no known trustworthy development house, it would have seemed like LP didn't trust the community with anything. They never told us who they were, never communicated with us, caused our own development to be stopped, and produced a product that isn't even to the quality of current falcon mods such as
FreeFalcon or F4UT.

It is in this light that I have chosen to not play Allied Force any longer, I do not feel it is my best interests as a simulation player to support this incarnation of falcon. As time goes by maybe LP will have more professional communication skills or perhaps they will fade away, in anycase, you may choose for yourself what you will play.

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