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Welcome to the Airport Managers Blog!

Standing in the lime light of the press is not something I tend to find enjoyable. I do not wake up in the morning and think to myself how I can make the news today, but in the course of natural events at an airport you are bound to have to spend some quality time with the press. The press is a powerful alley at best, and at worst, you may not agree with them. I am fortunate to have a great working relationship with the local journalistic, and I hope that they feel the same.

The local news paper has decided to run a few articles on the airport in the next coming weeks, to gain some incite into airport operations, I spent almost two and a half hours talking with one of the local journalists about Airport Federal Funding, Security, Economic Impact, and how to grow the airport in the future all ending in a tour of the airfield showing the reporter all the parts of the airfield, what they do, and why they are important to airport operations. I am sure by the end of the interview they where sick of all the alphabet soup us airport people just assume other people 'know'.

Oddly enough, I enjoy talking with the press but you have to keep in mind what you are saying and if you want it to be repeated out of context. That is where your relationship with the report takes over and you understand what is official and what is unofficial, and ensure they understand when you yourself are not clear on the specifics on the situation.

What are your thoughts on the press, reporters, etc.

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