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    Welcome to the Airport Managers Blog, the exciting look into the life of an Airport Manager. Although the blog is primarily about life as an Airport Manager, detailing things about airport life, transportation, and government regulations that affect everyone there will be posts about my life, the things I do in my free time and the things I am interested in. Please feel free to comment on my posts as I’m always open to learning about your view points and what you are interested in.

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I hope you enjoy my blog and if you have any questions, comments, or just want to chat, please feel free to contact me at erick underscore dahl at hotmail dot com.

Welcome to the Airport Managers Blog!

At first glance you may not think much about an airport, an airport is to many people a place where aircraft land, and where very loud noises come from. But, to some people an airport is where they work, where they sleep, and where they spend a majority of their time. Airports come in many different sizes: some are very small, others are larger than some cities. How one comes to work at an airport can be as varied as their size, people can work for an airline, for a catering service, a restaurant, some work for the airport author like I do. I came to work in aviation at a very young age. When I was a child my family would go to the
Experimental Aviation Administration Airshow in Oshkosh, Wisconsin every year. There I was introduced to aviation, and always wanted to be a pilot when I grew up. Many of the elective classes in High School where taken with the epxressed interest in developing my skills to be an Aeronucaital Engineer. Some time in my Senior year of High School I came to the realization that Aeronaucal Engineering wasn't something I was tasked for in life, and I didn't want to be an Airport Transport Pilots-pilots who fly commercial airplanes, for Northwest for example-so working for an airport made logical sense to me. To that end I went to the University of North Dakota for Airport Management. After five years of school I entered the job market and officially became employed by an airport in Indiana. After a few years there, I was offered an Airport Manager position in the Midwest and there I currently work. At age 26, I have worked at two different airports for about two years each, and look forward to growing and accomplishing much more in the aviation industry.

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