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Welcome to the Airport Managers Blog!

Today I took a flight on a MotorGlider. Essentially it is a SailPlane with an engine. The flight was great! Here are some pictures from the flight!

Here we are about to land on Runway 12

On a Low approach to runway 12

On Medium approach to runway 12

On Base for runway 12. In the background you can see the Old Stone Hangar, Water Treatment Tower, and the rest of South Dakota.

View of the Fire Station and the FBO. About 2/3rds the way up is the Airport Maintenance Shop, Storage Building, and the Old Army Hospital.

Flying East of the airport in a Northern direction. I can see my House from Here, down there someplace! This picture shows about 50% of Watertown, mostly west of the river along Highway 20.

Flying South of the airport in an eastern direction at about 8,000 Ft

Overview of the airport main ramp. You can see the Municipal Golf Course and Putters Green Estates in the left-background, as well as Lake Kapeska in the far background.

Quick half look at the small grass strip located South of Lake Pelican

A view of the Motor Glider

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