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Welcome to the Airport Managers Blog!

Today was a great day, Dean Stahr flew one of the last legs of his around the world trip in Watertown South Dakota. Dean is a great guy with many stories to share, and being cooped up in an aircraft sitting next to 250 gallons of fuel can be scary in the wrong weather. There where a lot of images taken during the event, but here are some for your browsing pleasure.

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Here is Dean Stahr standing next to the route he took on his flight! That was some long flight.

A View of the aircraft he flew with some friends and family talking prior to the public press conference.

Dwit Small takes to some members of the public, about his friends flight around the world.

Members of the family looking over the aircraft.

Look Daddy! I am a Pilot Too!!!!

That is one complex dash panel.

A journalist from the local news paper talks with Dean about his flight experience.

A look at the flight path Dean took.

Watertown South Dakota, Mayor Brenda Barger meets with Dean

Mayor Brenda Barger presents a 125th anniversary blanket to Dean.

South Dakota Legislator Al Koistinen looks over the aircraft.

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